What is Vermiculture?

Vermiculture, also known as worm composting or vermicomposting, uses worms to convert
organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for plants. This is a great way to reduce waste, improve
soil health, and create a sustainable gardening practice.

One of the benefits of vermiculture is that it is a closed-loop system, meaning that the worms
consume the organic material, produce compost, and then the compost is used to grow more
food for the worms. This creates a sustainable cycle that reduces the amount of waste sent to
landfills and improves soil health.

The worms have created a symbiotic relationship with the plants and microorganisms. They
store within their system microbes, enzymes and bacteria that are beneficial for the plants root
system. When they eat and poop, they leave the microorganisms which are retrieved by the
plant later when it is watered. Worms also provide a wide variety of important contributions to
the plant growth:

Add nutrients to the soil: Enzymes, Microbes, Hormones and Healthy Bacteria
Create passage for oxygen and water in the dirt as the burrow through the earth
Help Stimulate the growth of new roots by eating the old roots
Help roots grow and spread faster by burrowing, the roots can grow in the new areas left in the
dirt by the worms
Digest the food for the plant and make the minerals accessible to the root system of the plant
When people create Hummus and Fertilizer by using worms the create rich soil that is natural,
chemical free and helps the plant get the necessary microorganisms that wrap around their root
system and protect them against bad bacteria, fungi and other microbes.
Vermiculture is essential to restorative agriculture where you can restore dirt that has been
nutrient deprive and create a new living ecosystem.

The following are the attributes of the Product and Benefits for the Soil and Plants:

Does not sterilize the soil and or kill any beneficial bacteria or microorganism within the soil.
100% Organic Chemical Free
Made with Simple Ingredients you can understand: Rain Water, Sugar, Worm Hummus and
Up to 200% of growth from the Fertilizer
Adds Nutrients to the Soil: Nitrogen, Calcium Potassium and Beneficial Microorganisms.
Safe for all Plants: Will not burn plant if used in excess by accident
Bio Control: It helps keep away harmful bacteria and fungus that hurt the plant and roots.
Pesticide: Helps keep away some of the harmful insects and plagues that could affect your crop.
Adds hormones to your plants: Auxins and Gibberellic Acid.
Adds Enzymes: Phosphatase and Cellulase.

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