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Our Camping Facilities

Finca Sajorí | Camping Utuado

Come enjoy our facilities inside a Beautiful and Lush Tropical Forrest. The Camping site is on top of a mountain with scenic views and an Agricultural Field. The Farm has a River that runs through it Rio Limón and various facilites to aid in your experience.

We have:

  1. Shower with Hot Water
  2. Kitchen Sink
  3. Composting Toilet
  4. Area for eating
  5. Area for cooking
  6. Area for Fireplace
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We are excited to host your experience. For your convenience we use HipCamp as our Booking Manager, this way you get insurance for your stay and we can control to have a maximum ammount of persons per day to keep your experience as private and enjoyble as posible. We only host a maximum of 5 camping tents / overland per day. 

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