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Sobre​ Finca Sajorí​

Hospedería | Escuela Agro Ecológica

Finca Sajorí is a project born of the need to support the Agriculture and Circular Economy Industries in the Mountain Areas of Puerto Rico. In this zones stimulation of job creation is needed in order to increase local residents wealth. We will add by supporting the Incubation of Projects that will aid local entrepreneurs get started on Projects that create products such as organic food, Products that utilize natural materials that area sustainable such as Bamboo, Fungi and projects that Recycle or Upcycle and reduce our waste impact on the planet. 
Casita Abundancia
We developed Casita Abundancia as part of the Farm where you can visit, volunteer, take trainings, stay and enjoy the farm, forest and river and come and create beautiful memories and enjoy adventures. 
We invite you to come to our project and learn more about our efforts in the development of this initiative and join the fun!
-Luis Pérez, Founding Member
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